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Denver, CO 80203
Contact me via email or at: 623 256-5325

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I offer affordable one-on-one training & mentoring in the following areas

Photographic Concepts

Basic & Advanced including, composition, lens selection, shooting techniques, image processing and display.

Digital Photography

including digital camera operation, image processing and printing.

Studio Lighting

This is a craft best learned by mentoring and hands on experience. I use current generation monolight strobe lighting. My focus is on working with models in glamour, fashion, boudoir, and character portraiture.

Photoshop, etc.

Image processing through the entire digital workflow. In addition to Photoshop, I also teach a variety of other software packages.

Training & Private Mentoring








One compelling argument for private mentoring is that you can move at your own pace. You can also focus on your specific needs and instruction can be designed for you.

My experience is that private students move quickly and gain a deep understanding of complex topics in a shorter time than those in the classroom environment.

Time constraints are a strong argument for mentoring. If you can't successfully schedule yourself into classes because of travel and other time limitations, then private mentoring may be a very economical alternative.


Other than cost, the one serious disadvantage of private tutoring is that you miss the interaction and exchange of ideas with other students. In the learning process, having multiple viewpoints is extremely important.

A Strategy

Try both. Learning is a life long adventure. There is time to mix both mentoring, seminars, classes, and practical trial and error experience .